How to Choose Healthy Options When Dining Out

Sometimes we need to eat out at restaurants to cope with the busyness of life.  However, restaurant meals often come with a high amount of carbohydrates. Here’s a list of advice to help you opt for healthier choices when you are at a restaurant.

Before Choosing a Restaurant, Check The Menu Online

Every restaurant keeps an online menu available, and you can check what kind of food they serve. You can also see if the restaurant accommodates any special diets you may be on.

If you are not on a diet, but you’re still looking for healthier options, look for soups and salads on the menu. Check if they have coconut water, lime juice without sugar, low carbohydrate salads, and high protein dishes available.

If You Have the Budget, Opt for Fancy Restaurants

Unlike the nearby fast food places, fancy restaurants typically offer smaller meal portions. At these restaurants, you can enjoy food without damaging your health. Also, high-end restaurants usually offer healthier choices on their menu. If you can afford it, it is definitely worth spending a little more to take care of your health.

Skip the Appetizer or Double Up on Your Appetizer

One way to eat less in restaurants is to double your appetizer. Appetizers make you feel full quickly, so if you order two appetizers for yourself, you will not crave the main dish. On the other hand, if you want to simply enjoy the main dish, skip the appetizer. Make sure you don’t choose unhealthy appetizers like soup crackers or welcome sodas/drinks.

Avoid Breadsticks, Chips, or Welcome-Drinks

Most restaurants offer free chips, breadsticks, or welcome drinks while you are waiting for your food. These snacks look innocent, but make an effort to avoid them as they will quickly add calories to your meal. Save your appetite for the dish you order – you’ll enjoy it more if you avoid those extra calories.

Learn the Different Types of Cuts in Meat

We know eating protein is a good option in restaurants. But not all cuts of meat provide the same number of calories. Ordering skinless or lean meat is recommended. A prime rib may be delicious, but it has a lot of calories in it that you probably want to stay away from.

Read Articles and Learn What Types of Food Are Better for You

If you’re trying to create a healthy eating lifestyle, put some time into food research. Check out authoritative articles and learn what type of foods are good for you. Our FastingQueens app provides many articles written by nutritionists who know what type of food a fasting woman needs. Knowing what’s suitable for you will help you make wiser decisions every time you are at a restaurant.

Try Bringing Healthy Food Instead of Eating Out

You might think preparing healthy and delicious meals takes a lot of time. But it doesn’t have to – check out our Recipes category where our nutritionists have created several easy, quick-to-prepare recipes that are both healthy and delicious. Maybe you do have time to make a healthy and tasty lunch or dinner, instead of wasting money on restaurants that aren’t good for your health.

In summary, restaurants know how to target their customers. To stay in business, they have to get customers hooked on their dishes by filling their menus with carbohydrates, calories, and artificial flavorings. Of course, when it comes to restaurants, sometimes you don’t have much choice. Don’t feel guilty if you have to eat unhealthy food from time to time. Fasting is a lifestyle and you have been working hard to cleanse your body and lose extra pounds. One restaurant meal won’t undo all the progress you’ve made, and you can always get back on track.