How Do I Say NO To Food Pusher While Fasting?

FastingQueens teamIt’s not easy to say no to the mouth-watering aroma of something delicious cooking in the vicinity or someone offering you a bite of their cupcake. But you have to do it – resist the urge to bite into something delicious because you are fasting.

But how do you politely tell others you can’t eat? Many fasters often find it hard to explain to food pushers who don’t understand when you tell them you can’t eat anything. “Anything?” they ask, and you tell me, “Yes, I can’t eat anything.” But they don’t give up! Or they may just feel so proud of their new recipes and think you will regret it if you don’t try them. 

7 Ways to Say No to a Food Pusher While Fasting

So here are some easy ways to get such food pushers off your back so you can continue your fast in peace. 

1. Say “Thank you, But I’m Good” In a Loud, Confident Voice

Many food pushers will persist in pressuring you to eat even if you say “no.” You’ll have to politely repeat yourself and maintain your boundary, even if it’s awkward. After all, caving in to the pressure is not an option, so you’ll need to stand your ground. 

You’ll want to be courteous and keep it brief and to the point because you don’t want to attract attention to yourself or hurt anyone’s feelings by declining food.

2. Always Be Polite

When saying no to a food pusher, please don’t criticize the food or the person. After all, they might have good intentions, so they are not wrong. 

Instead, keep it lighthearted and compliment the chef on their efforts and how delicious the food looks or smells while respectfully declining.

3. Tell the Food Pusher the Truth behind Your Abstinence

Your choice to fast is something of meaning to you, and people who care about it should understand this too. Even the most stubborn food pushers will have to heed reason and logic. 

Just take aside and tell them that you’re fasting, why you are fasting, and how you can’t eat anything when you’re doing so. You can also tell the food pusher that your choice to say no to food has nothing to do with them. They will understand when you tell them the truth.

4. Set Boundaries

If you tell someone you’re fasting and say “no” to eating something, and the food pusher insists, they do not respect your boundaries. They think it’s okay to keep pushing you to eat. 

When you communicate your boundaries honestly and openly, you regain control over what you consume while also letting others know what you want and need. Remember that you don’t have to feel bad if you say no.

5. Don’t Put Yourself in Difficult Situations

An easy way to say no to a food pusher when fasting is to avoid situations where they are feeding you something. If you always see them at lunch or when you’re fasting, you can change the time when you run into each other or meet. 

When you start avoiding them and the subject of food around them, they will get a clear message: “Don’t force this person to eat food.” 

6. Ask for Help

You don’t have to go through the awkward rigmarole of turning down food every time the food pusher insists. Fighting each battle by yourself can be draining (especially when you’re fasting!). 

Ask a friend or two to help you explain to food pushers why you are fasting and why you can’t consume any foods or drinks.

7. Maybe All You Need Is to Work Around Your Fasting Window

It can sometimes be challenging to avoid a food pusher, especially if it is somebody you love, for example, a pushy aunty who takes pride in her cooking. Not eating food cooked by her can be seen as a rejection of her love towards you, and your fasting should not hurt those around you. 

Our app is designed to easily change the way you fast by helping to adjust the fasting time according to your preferences and needs. This way, you can make time for the things that matter in life and not compromise on your new and healthy lifestyle. 

Skipping a fast or two will not destroy your health, and adjusting to different circumstances will help you maintain a balance between the pleasures of the body and the soul. 

Don’t feel guilty when you enjoy delicious food. You can always return to your regular fasting routine after your “feast” time is over.