What Can I Do If I Need to Cook for My Family While Fasting?

Sometimes you need to cook for your family when you are fasting. What can you do to help get through the cooking time without becoming too hungry? We’ve found some strategies to help keep those cravings at bay. Here are 6 tips that might be able to help you.


Tip #1. Keep yourself a little distracted while cooking.

Play music, watch television, listen to podcasts, or call your friends and family while cooking. In this way, your brain will stay distracted from food.

Tip #2. Avoid  tasting food.

You may be able to season the food during your eating window. Or you can add just a little seasoning while cooking and allow your family members to add more spice if they want. You may also want to stick to dishes you are familiar with – these won’t require taste-testing. Don’t try a new dish that you’ll have to taste again and again. 

Tip #3. Pick a better cooking time.

Try to cook at the beginning of your fasting window, when you have eaten recently and aren’t hungry. Cooking is not suggested in the morning, as ghrelin (the hunger hormone) is more active in the morning, increasing the temptation of breaking your fast.

Tip #4. Put out small flashcards or posters on the kitchen wall or fridge.

Constantly remind yourself why you started fasting. Write down your goals and paste them in sight to offer encouragement when things get hard.

Tip #5. Keep yourself hydrated.

When you feel hungry, it might just be dehydration. Drink water or make yourself a warm cup of black coffee or green tea. This may help make cooking plus fasting more enjoyable.

Tip #6. Try to reduce the cooking time.

Chop vegetables or marinate meat beforehand. Quite a few fasters also use instant pots to reduce cooking time – give them a try! Or check out our article Quick Recipes to Prepare For the Family for meal ideas.


It’s not easy to cook a delicious meal for your family while fasting. You deserve a big round of applause for putting your family’s needs first.  At the same time, it’s important to take care of your own health, and fasting is a great tool to help you do just that. We hope the above tips help you achieve the balance between the two.